4 Twitters and a Funeral  

Posted by Paul Puri

When is it appropriate to Twitter? This question is asked by several interweb instapundits who shall remain nameless cause frankly, I don't care what they have to say. This was in response to a reporter Twittering a funeral of a 3 year old. Tragic? Most definitely. News worthy? Not my call. Nor is it of the instapundits who had something to say, yet nothing to offer.

When is it appropriate to express ones freedom of speech? What shall you dictate is appropriate next? Don't Twitter about the trip to the bathroom. Don't Twitter about the NASCAR event because you despise rednecks?

Not once did they mention the back story. The child was murdered by an illegal that was arrested more than 20 times, and yet still on the streets, in this country(U.S.). Pardon my French, but if someone from France had done this, they would have been sent packing after the first, what, 5 offenses maybe? And then not allowed in the country anymore.

Maybe Twittering the event was tacky, but it was something people should know about. A sad state of affairs as to our immigration issues, and not some imaginary rule bending dictated by imaginary writers. Of course, if I was the one posting the updates, I would have posted a link to a relevant article so people would know what the hell I was Twittering about.


Gawker the Horrible (Do these guys even qualify as news?)

Colorado Independent (Sux)

Rocky Mountain News (Original story with info regarding the crime)

Editors Web Log (Who?)

Ok, so I did put links up to the different sites. Accuse me of being thorough.

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