I'm A PC  

Posted by Paul Puri

The new Microsoft ad is out, and the verdict is in. It's great. I love it. It gets to the point.

Let me first answer a question some people, cough, Mac users, cough, will ask. Isn't Microsoft copying the Apple ads with the whole 'I'm a PC' line? No dumbshit! They are answering to all the crap that has been sludged by Apple in their very well done ad campaign. People have been saying that Microsoft has done a very bad job of promoting itself and Vista. I agree. Not that they need to tell people who they are. Everybody knows. So what they are telling you is that people who use a PC, or Windows machine as Apple has implied, are the rest of the world. They are big people, small people, people who climb on rocks, etc.

So in other words, according to Apple, people who use Macs are skinny white guys who have whiny voices. I'm neither skinny, white, or have a whiny voice. Ergo, I should not use a Mac. At the present time, I do have a Mac, and a machine running Vista. But come next week, when my Dell Mini gets here, you will see an ad for my iBook on Craigslist. And I can't wait. The more I have this thing, the more I feel like throwing it against the wall. I still think it is a great computing platform, but it is the wrong platform for me. Because as the rest of the world says, I am a PC.

I'M A PC Microsoft Commercial - Windows Not Walls

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The most incredible thing is that people DO NOT get the Mac ads to this day. Not even Microsoft.

They are not making stereotypes of PC users, but of MICROSOFT and their lame attempt of copying everything that's better than their own stuff and also making simple things like connecting to a printer, complicated. "Ipod vs. Zune", "Aqua vs. Aero", "Widgets vs. Gadgets", "Mac Genius vs. Windows Gurus"...

It's ridiculous how people don't get that they NEVER EVER talked about users, but about Microsoft in general.

Also, one ad Apple did in January at the beginning of their keynote is definitely coming true. Microsoft is copying everything Apple has done in a lame attempt to show the world they understand what people's needs are.

Well, create an operating system that just works without ridiculous driver installation, compatibility issues, networking etc... and let's continue the conversation

While I do agree that the whole PC thing is not looking at the actual users, Microsoft does get it. Apple stereotyped what a PC could be used for and guess what? They were wrong. The beige box hasn't been around for a long time. Vista can do anything that Mac OS can, and much more. People recognize that, which is why most go for a PC. Apples growing market share is a good thing, and I am very happy for them, but on a bad day, there are more PC's sold than the amount of Macs sold all month. As I've said before, my Vista machine crashes less than my Mac, and the only reason either does, is because of me.