Unboxing - Dell Mini  

Posted by Paul Puri

The Dell Mini, or Inspiron 910, is Dells foray into the net book craze which was brought to life by Asus and their Eee PC. A small format computer that can run Windows and Linux. I chose the Dell because of two reasons. The form factor, and the 3G chip that lays dormant inside. I have not heard what can be done with it at this point in time, but I look forward to any announcement that will propel me into the interwebs anywhere crowd.

But enough of that. On to the photos.

In the Box


The Box is Open

Almost There

Could That Be?

Teasing You With Its Bottom

Out of the Plastic

There it is!

Open in All its Mini Glory!!

But Wait! There's More!

Restore and Driver Discs.

Compared to my iBook

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