This is the thinnest Steve Jobs Apple has ever made  

Posted by Paul Puri

I stole that title from mattyohe from a comment on another blog. So sue me.

What do I think of the new iPods?

Terrific! Fantastic! Very niiiice!!

Do I think they were worthy of a press event? My opinion is no. But I still want to pick up one of those new iPod Nano's and shake em like a British nanny. But what I really want is to purchase the new iPod touch. A volume control on an mp3 player? Really?! Seems like a nice touch. Friggin puns.

What made me want to plop the money down and get into the touching sensation? The price. $229.00 seems like a much better price point. Of course, I could get an iPhone for $30.00 less, but I wouldn't have to sign a 2 year contract with the Death Star. But I'm still considering it. My wife was pretty pissed when I announced I was considering leaving our family plan on Verizon. She will still have another year on her plan. But a man has his priorities.

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I haven't even checked in yet on these new iPods. I'm sure they're cool, but I ain't got no money for that right now.

And your priority SHOULD be your FAMILY!

Oh, btw, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for taking Megan to school today! :)