Who put the E in ink?  

Posted by Paul Puri

So Esquire came out with an issue that has new E-Ink technology, and some are saying they are not impressed. What. No explosions?

Just think of the implications here! Imagine picking up a magazine or paper at the newsstand for the last time. That's right buddy boy. You'll only need one copy. Why? Because that piece of literature you have in your hand will be entirely made of E-Paper. No dead trees to pick up every morning. You're already at second base with that tree, (graduating from hugging), now you can have full on nasty robot sex with it.

We already have SD cards with built in Wi Fi. So why wouldn't your E-Paper have it as well? Morning comes and you want the news? Sync up your E-Paper. You don't have to even put pants on in the morning. Breaking news comes out? Automatic updates will flash you when something changes. Same with magazines. If you have a monthly subscription, it updates.

Just imagine how quickly the news cycle could improve with this technology. Papers and magazines could compete with the internet, because concept to 'print' would be almost as quick. The need to hold the presses would be a thing of the past. Deadlines could be more fluid, because as soon as the story broke, an update could be transmitted.

The newspaper industry could become more viable because now the news would be available in a more convenient way than a laptop could ever be. Think that 8 inch netbook is easy to carry around? Just imagine something a few pages thin that gives you the content you want.

The advertising landscape would change as well. Ad revenue could greatly improve because ads could now be rotated weekly, daily, or even hourly. Instead of having a few advertisers per page, you could have several relevant ads served up based on the subscribers profile. Ads could be more pointed and location based. Are you passing by a Chevy's? A coupon code would generate that could save you $5 on lunch or dinner based on what time it was. The limits are in your head.

Amber alerts could be broadcasted. Weather warnings as they happen. You could configure an RSS feeder online which would then send updates of your favorite sites to your E-Paper. The New York Times would be right next to the Drudge Report!

The implications are broad, and the scope is infinite. Sure we have a long way to go, and the lawyers will have a field day with the issues that will crop up. It all sounds very 'Minority Report', but it's progress. History in the making stuff. Sure it sux epic lulz right now buddy boy, but think about the big picture. Pun intended.

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